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                 From Mexican Cell:                                                   322-889-1686

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                 From US:                                                                    011-521-322-889-1686

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Puerto Vallarta Escorts Denise Denise Puerto Vallarta Escorts Pati Pati


Puerto Vallarta Escorts Roxana Roxana Puerto Vallarta Escorts Poleth Poleth

Speaks a little English!

Puerto Vallarta Escorts Paris Helen Puerto Vallarta Escort Melissa Melissa

Speaks a little English!


Emily Puerto Vallarta Escorts Carolina Carolina

Speaks a little English!

Puerto Vallarta Escorts Jessica Jessica



Speaks English!

Puerto Vallarta Escorts Hillary Hillary Clarissa Puerto Vallarta Escorts Lupita Lupita


Puerto Vallarta Escorts Paulina Paulina


Puerto Vallarta Megan Megan


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We are not a Puerto Vallarta escort service. This is an advertising site, nothing more. The Puerto Vallarta escorts you see here answer their own phones and emails. Thus, you shouldn’t expect 24 hour service nor instant responses. Many don´t have computers and have to go to internet cafes to answer you. Many have other jobs and families and can´t answer their phones all the time. Please be patient and understanding with them.

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Puerto Vallarta Johana Johana Puerto Vallarta Leslie Leslie


Puerto Vallarta Escorts Miranda Miranda


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